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My name is Bruce.  I'm the one on the left, holding the glass of wine.  I am a Winemaker and Author of four books:  "Hugh Glass" (Narrative Nonfiction/Biography), "The Last Jaguar" (Historical Fiction), "The Seeds Of Darkness" (Paranormal Thriller) and "The Tribe" (Supernatural Thriller).  I grew up living in California and Alaska.  Most of my life has been spent in the Napa Valley, where I started working in the wine industry in the early seventies.   Over the years I've managed to work at several different professions, while still keeping my hands in wine.  I've been, by turns, a WineMaker (already mentioned), a Cook, a Sheet Metal Worker, a Private Investigator, a Reporter and Photographer, a Salesman and a Bartender...and a few other things that I've probably forgotten. 

What else can I tell you about myself?  Well, I have a Certificate in Clinical Hypnotherapy, received from Dr. Lorna Cutler, Phd. at Sonoma State University.  Dr. Cutler worked directly with the late Dr. Milton Erickson, whose work in hypnotherapy was nothing less than revolutionary. In the early eighties I discovered Wine Trolls while working as Assistant Winemaker for William Hill Winery. In 1984 I published, "The Truth About Winemaking In Napa", which told all about the trolls and the roll they play in making fine wine--although few people know of them. I've also been published by World Book Encyclopedia, Midwest Wine Press, True West, and a few other publications.

One other interesting thing of note:  Back in the 1600s, two of my great aunts (eleven times removed--Rebecca Towne Nurse and Mary Eastey) were hanged as witches during the Salem witch trials--not that this has anything to do with me, but it's curious family history...

I'm currently living in Nevada City, CA, retired from the wine industry, and writing again.  My family owned a hotel here when I was young (the place had been a bordello before we bought it).  My book, "The Last Jaguar" takes place here, in 1858.   Last year, I entered two scripts in the Nevada County Screenwriting contest and they both won.  Since then both have been made into films--"Oberon's Gold" and "The National Exchange" --both filmed at the famed National Hotel in Nevada City, CA and both were shown at the Del Oro Theater in Grass Valley, CA, the same theater I watched Tarzan movies on when I was eight years old!

I currently have six books out on Amazon.com Kindle:  "Hugh Glass", "The Last Jaguar","The Seeds Of Darkness", "The Tribe", "Drelliks" and "25 Things You Should Know About Wine; Or, How To One Up Your Neighborhood Wine Expert" (okay, the last one is actually a booklet).  I've also recently finished the first draft of my new book, "The Walker".

So come on in!  This site is a work in progress, but I'll try to make it interesting for you and include some pictures, book excerpts and links to websites you might enjoy!


--Bruce Bradley

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