When rancher Tom Allison discovered that one of his 1,000-pound steers had been taken down and dragged a quarter mile over a rocky hill, he first thought it must have been a bear that did it--probably a large grizzly.  The real shock came when he realized that the steer was taken by a cat, a four hundred pound cat!  But Tom has even bigger problems coming his way...men who would steal everything he owns, and a seven-foot Indian who is out to murder his son!                                         

 From Kaye Trout's Book Reviews--

--This is a good story, well-written, and will definitely appeal to western genre lovers.  Bruce Bradley is a strong, straight forward writer--a man's writer--who surprises us now and then with bits of wisdom and sensitivity.


 EXCERPT:  The Last Jaguar

For days now, Death had been watching him.  Dark Rose had felt its presence.  Twice he had glimpsed Death standing just behind his left shoulder.

Dark Rose did not fear Death.  His was a warrior's vision of the world.  He looked at his Death as a friend, ever there to remind him that each moment, each breath might be his last.  His awareness of Death guided him and made each action he took one of clear intent.

This wasn't the first time that Death had made its presence known to Dark Rose, but the fact that Death had chosen this particular time to follow him, coupled with the visions Dark Rose had begun having while asleep led the Indian to believe his time might actually be near.

Two white men had begun to invade his sleep--one light-eyed, the other dark.  Both men wore grim, determined faces.  Death hovered around the two, just as it followed Dark Rose.  Unlike him, however, they were unaware of its presence.  Few white men ever seemed to sense the presence of Death even when it was standing next to them.  Few white men had eyes that saw what was obvious...




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