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THE TRIBE  By Bruce Bradley




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Jackson Leeds can't get his dead wife out of his head, and while some of the dreams are very salacious, others are more prophetical in nature. When his trusted employee Bonnie doesn't show up for work and her phone goes unanswered, the dream that wrecked his sleep the night before sends him on a desperate search to find her. His journey uncovers more danger than answers and could well cost him his life.

This one will keep you on the edge of your seat all the way to the very last page. Bruce Bradley does a knockout job of continually building the suspense with this paranormal crime thriller. The plot continually takes unexpected turns so you never know what will happen next, and the ending totally caught me by surprise. I really liked Jackson Leeds as a main character. His issues with authority bring out a side of him I didn't expect, and the dream thing he's got going on kept me wondering if he was just imagining her or if she was actually haunting him like Bonnie said. Great read, one that was easy to get completely lost in, with sharp characters and a killer ending.

True Story...

I am a former Napa winemaker with more than 30 years of experience in working with wine.  In 2005 my late ex-wife (who died of cancer in 1999) began to invade my sleep.  Sometimes the dreams were pleasurable, but often they were not.  Once, when I was about to tell her that I had divorced her and that she had died, and that she needed to leave me alone, she suddenly turned to me.

      "I need you to do me a favor!" she said urgently.

      "What favor?"I asked.

      "I need you to wake up!" she said.

Which I did.

Like myself, Jackson Leeds is a winemaker who works for Pagean

Cellars, near the town of Rutherford, in Napa Valley. also, like myself,

his sleep is haunted by his late ex-wife.  Jackson is attracted to Bonnie

Sajean, who works in the tasting room and who definitely wants his

attention.  Unfortunately, he has rules against getting involved with any

woman who works under him. One evening, after declining a dinner

invitation from Bonnie, he falls asleep and dreams once more of his

wife, who chides him:

      "If you had only just given the woman what she wanted, she wouldn't

be out right now, getting herself killed!"

This begins a real nightmare for Jackson--one in which he is not only

suspected by the police, but also targeted by the real killers...